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Why Mulch


Mulch Reduces The Need For Weeding.

Not only does this save time and energy, but your plants will not have to compete with the weeds for moisture and nutrients.

Mulch Conserves Soil Moisture.

Mulching protects the soil from the direct rays of the sun and air. This stops the hard baking effects. As a result, you water less!

Mulch Regulates Soil Temperature.

In the summer months mulching keeps the plant roots cooler. This also promotes good soil bacteria, and protects earthworms as well as other soil life. As a result, plants and soil life flourish. In the winter, mulch insulates plant roots as well. Plants still need water in the winter and mulch keeps the water from freezing so that the roots can drink.

Mulch Greatly Reduces If Not Eliminates Soil Erosion.

Mulch fibers lock together to absorb the impact of heavy rain. With the exception of nuggets, mulch stops mud from splattering against homes and businesses.

Last But Not Least, Mulch Is Beautiful!

It can accent as well as transform any landscape project. Choosing what type of mulch to use is a matter of personal preference.