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Here Are Some Of The Most Commonly Asked Questions Along With Some Helpful Answers And Solutions.


Can we come there and pick up products?
Yes, you may come and pick up at any time during normal operating hours. You will need either a pickup truck or a trailer. There is no need for an appointment.  

Mulch - Cubic Yards

How much is a cubic yard?
Most mulch is sold in units of cubic yards. One cubic yard will cover an area of 81 square feet (9'x9') approximately 3-4 inches deep.

Mulch - Floating

Which mulch floats?
The pine bark and the mini pine nuggets have a tendency to float, so you'll want to use caution with inclines. The hardwood has fibers that lock together and stay in place much better.

Delivery - Where

Where do you deliver?
We deliver to Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Holly Springs, Carrboro, Fuquay-Varina, and Garner. For other locations please contact our office.

Delivery - Charges

Is there a delivery charge?
With an order of 6 to 9 cubic yards, there is a $45.00 delivery charge. Any order of 10 cubic yards or more will be free delivery up to 20 miles to delivery address. Please contact our office for delivery rates.

Delivery - Minimum

Is there a delivery minimum?
Yes, most areas we have a 6 cubic yard minimum.  Some areas have a 10 cubic yard minimum, depending on the distance from our office.  Please contact our office for more information.

Products - More Than One

Can you deliver 2 products at once?
Yes, we have dividers in our trucks. Please give us a call for more details.

Driveway - Cracks

Is my driveway safe?
We use standard tandem dump trucks.  We are not responsible for any concrete damage, but it is very rare that a driveway will crack.  If you are worried about this, you can choose another dumping location.

Soil - Gardening

Which soil is best for gardens?
We recommend our compost blend for all flower beds and any gardens. It is an excellent growing medium.

Soil - Compost

What is the compost blend made of?
Our compost blend is made of 50% screened virgin topsoil and 50% organic compost with chicken/cow manure.  It also has a small amount of pine bark fines.